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Alicia Boyde


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Jake Plotter

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Jennifer Chapman

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As part of the Community Employment Training program, and an initiative of the GLHCSS, it provides services to both members of the community as well as well members, volunteers and staff of both the Ministry and Community Services. As s training program it provides employable skills for youth at-risk and high school drop outs kids who need to be reconnected with abilities to work, earn a living or save money towards their education and career development in sales, barista, order taking, cash register, inventory, and other soft skills that make one ready for employment in the Food and Beverage industry. Part of the funds generated go towards our Youth employment and development programs. We serve hot and cold drinks/beverages, sandwiches, Paninis, quiches, pies, coffee, hot beverages, health boosters, like smoothies and juices.


This is a youth-focused service and funders who give to this cause are very much appreciated as their investments help keep youths off the streets and it’s deteriorating activities. Youth from this program go on to complete their higher education programs as they participate in internship/training programs to help them pay for tuition and other career-related costs. 

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